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Door County Farm Dinners

These are multi-course meals where we get to do one of our favorite things - feature amazing local products that reflect the incredible bounty that Door County has to offer. We work with local farms, fishers, and regional wine and cheese makers to create a truly unique meal and evening. Below are menus from the monthly farm dinners from summer 2023. 

September 15th   

cuke amuse

english cucumber, smoked salmon, chive, citrus zest, parsley, carmen pepper foam



grilled shishito pepper, cantaloupe, pickled serrano pepper, prosciutto, lime-honey glaze



jalapeno pepper, whipped mascarpone, lemon zest, parsley


september salad

salad greens, green honey dew-herb vinaigrette, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, nasturtium flowers



grilled eggplant, heirloom tomato, basil, Belaire cheese, cherry-balsamic reduction, baby mizuna, Dry Jack Crisp

squash soup

smooth delicata, butternut squash medallions, vegetable stock, cream, crispy leeks, parsley, lemon oil


fire-roasted pepper tasting

jalapeno, serrano, carmen and lunch box peppers, cannon watermelon sorbet, mint raita, cantaloupe backer



roasted local chicken, herb gravy, whipped yellow potato, puff pastry, roasted kabocha squash, chive


cake sundae

vanilla bean ice cream, hot fudge, warm cake cubes, whipped cream, candied aronia berry, melon-mint “salad”


August 18, 2023



red potato crisp, russet mash, citrus sour cream, chive, bacon, pickled shishito peppers, grilled red onion


Mighty Wind Mini Salad

salad greens, romaine, citrus-herb vinaigrette, english cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, matchstick radish, roasted orange beets, cherry-balsamic reduction, thyme-butter crouton



grilled eggplant, crispy panko patty pan, oven roasted heirloom tomatoes, yellow squash, romanesco squash, oregano, roasted carmen peppers, nasturtium, dried red bor kale



heirloom tomatoes, bell pepper, english cucumber, pickled red onion, garlic, cilantro, lime, roasted jalapeno, sherry vinegar, parsley, green beans, chives


Pesto Pasta

wide ribbon pasta, basil pesto, cherry tomatoes, mizuna, Hoard’s Dairyman Dry Jack Cheese, fresh parsley, candied walnuts


Waseda Meatballs 3X

4 pepper-corn relish / roasted romanesco squash / thyme demi / chive

gold beet / haricot vert / St Saviour cheese

purple carrot / tiger stripe tomato / dry jack cheese / parsley



lemon stilton, mascarpone, cherry-aronia berry compote, pistachios, brulee crackle


July 21, 2023

Wisco-Philly Roll     gluten free upon request

nori, sticky rice, quick-pickled green beans, Charlie’s smoked salmon, wasabi-cream cheese, chives,

soy-citrus glaze, shiso, pickled ginger, pickled big jim peppers, arugula microgreens

Touille Skewer

turmeric tempura, japanese eggplant, zucchini, summer squash, roasted garlic, tomato-oregano

dipping sauce, oregano flowers, roasted onions 

Veggie Noodler Bowl     gluten free / vegan

wok-fired  zucchini noodles, summer squash noodles, carrots, rice noodles, big jim peppers,

lemon basil, red napa cabbage, mizuna, tatsoi, cilantro, snap peas, sesame-soy-citrus dressing, chives



Toscana Sorda

beef-herb meatballs, long rigatoni noodles, roasted tomatoes, tomato-oregano sauce, demi glace, Dry Jack cheese, fresh parsley, rosemary

**Petite Pearl, White Cap Winery, Ellison Bay, WI 2022

Dairyman                  gluten free upon request

award winning cheeses from Hoard’s Dairyman in Atkinson, Wisconsin

St Saviour Camembert-style, Belaire Port Salut style, Dry Jack, Gouda, Sark

house bread, cherry-balsamic reduction

Cherry Cheesecake  gluten free upon request

individual cheesecakes topped with cherry sauce, graham crumbs, whipped cream

Dessert Nachos  (for the table)

crispy wonton chips, powdered sugar, chocolate fudge sauce, roasted marshmallow, hot cherry compote, whipped cream, berries, cocoa powder

**suggested local wine pairing

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